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Jiangsu Zhonglian Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing mine explosion-proof The manufacturer of substation and mine explosion-proof transformers has two series of 146 specifications of coal mine safety sign certificate, explosion-proof certificate and production license, and is also a wire and cable manufacturer.

The main products of the company"s substation and transformer series are: KBSGZY series mine partition Explosive mobile substation, KBSG series mine explosion-proof transformer, KBSGZY mine explosion-proof load center and SG10 series open dry type transformer, power transformer, special transformer, etc. Among them, the 8000kVA ultra-large capacity intelligent mine explosion-proof mobile substation is a domestic large-capacity substation, which has reached the international advanced level, filled the domestic gap, fully realized the substitution of imports, and obtained the “Jiangsu Province SME Patent New Product” and “Jiangsu High-tech Products”. ", Jiangsu Province, the first prize for coal science and technology progress" and so on.

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